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Why I Mime

There are several reasons why I mime. One is that I enjoy it: I love playing characters, animals, and capering around theatrically. Two, I love imagination; and to be able to bring people into my imaginations—and make it their imagination … Continue reading

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Reinventing the Mime-Wheel

When I moved to England after four years of contemporary dance, I couldn’t quite bring myself to revert back to my “old ways” of miming. The black stripes of the American stereotype were a little tiresome, and, forgive the pun, … Continue reading

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Roundabouts: A Maniacal Kind of Sense

So I have recently moved to England. As expected there have been a number of culture-shocky things that I’ve run into over the last few months. Not least of which has been learning to drive on the left. That’s been … Continue reading

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Having recently travelled internationally I had the opportunity to view a few movies that have been on my watch list. As much as I love movies, you never get those hours of your life back. What you watch tends to … Continue reading

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Folk Festival

So I went to a Folk Festival for the first time in my life this last weekend. It was a wonder-filled experience for me. For one thing, I had to take in everything for the first time. I’ve been to … Continue reading

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Just trying to be myself here

I find that writing for online, or wherever I have a difficult time actually just writing. I have to pick a theme to make a little website online, and then I have to pick my slant. You know, every blogger … Continue reading

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Trees over Beleriand

From the borders of Beleriand comes the musings of a thought smith. The forges of Nogrod produced some of Middle-Earth’s finest swords. Here we write opinions, stories, reviews. And, like our cutlery forging brothers, sometimes our opinions might break… but … Continue reading

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