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Talladega Parking Lots

A woman nearly front-ended me yesterday. I was coming down the aisle of the parking lot (car park for the Brits) in my Toyota, when this hip looking, young blonde woman careened around the corner. She slammed on her brakes when … Continue reading

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Low Fat Mime Dinners You Can Serve Your Friend

I finally hit the streets again after a several-week break. The students are back for their first term of the year here in Cambridge, and City Centre is once again bustling with life. I wasn’t sure how it would go—college … Continue reading

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Dear Apple

The new iOS7 system stinks. Its slower and looks like a child’s toy application. Closing applications is awkward. The calendar is more complicated, but less viewable and less fluent. More “swipe-able” options from off-screen make commanding my screen a veritable minefield of … Continue reading

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