Dear Apple

nogrometer 3The new iOS7 system stinks. Its slower and looks like a child’s toy application. Closing applications is awkward. The calendar is more complicated, but less viewable and less fluent. More “swipe-able” options from off-screen make commanding my screen a veritable minefield of options I don’t want. And the graphics just slow everything down!  Fancy-schmancy transitions do not compete with functionality and accuracy. If I’d have wanted an Android, I would have bought one.

I give the new iOS7 a 3 out of 10 on the Nogrometer.

Doctor No


About doctornogrod

Daniel Cossette is a writer, actor, dancer, and mime originally from CT, USA. He's been writing, producing, and acting in scripts since jr. high. At Mimeistry International, Pasadena, CA he double-majored in Mime and Theology. Afterwards he founded Ambassador Arts and produced the shows Say It Louder! and Christmivest, including all original stories; he danced with Ad Deum Dance Company, Houston, TX, and eventually moved to England where works with Springs Dance Company, and directs Infusion Physical Theatre. He is married to a long time friend from the mime school, and currently resides in Cambridge, England.
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