About Nogrod

Nogrod and Belegost

What is Nogrod? Tolkien’s famed Dwarven city where the smith Telchar forged 1. Angrist (the knife which cut the Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown), and… 2. Narsil (the sword which cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand). Both pieces of famous cutlery, I suppose it should be noted, broke.

But that’s the point! This is an opinion  and story blog. And like Nogrod, we make some of the finest darn opinions and stories out there! They might break occasionally, but they’ll still cut the be-jewels from your Dark Lord.

Find here thoughts on art, fantasy, superheroes, movies, travel, culture, relationships, as well as religion and faith.

I am currently writing a webisode space opera call Space Dust. Catch it here. New releases every Saturday.


Others who might make appearances here include:

Infusion Physical Theatre: up and coming mime, dance, and physical theatre group.



The Raven's Author



The talented Raven. http://www.theravenslanding.com/.

Her dry sense of humor and pithy creativity  will leave you a little more enthralled with life, be it reality or fiction.

GR Stoker

GR Stoker (red tie)


GR Stoker. A theological vampire hunter, and literary buff who makes me smarter every time I talk to him. Check out one of my personal favorites of his: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christandpopculture/2013/07/superman-not-just-a-man-but-a-just-man/



C.S. Lazo

C.S. Lazo: a friend whose passion for theology, literature, teaching, and whimsy could only possibly be matched by a delight in the arts, a pint, a smoke, or a good curry!





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