My Fiction… Taydra

I write fantasy fiction. I’ve been building a cohesive world full of races, creatures, legends, and heroes for over 15 years. My dream is to publish as many of them as possible.

cougarCougar Moon

This is a teen-fiction project I completed  a while ago, and I am hoping to publish soon. It’s the story of two boys in a small western town in Lan on the borders of the Wilds. One is an aspiring young observatory student, and the other a Constable’s assistant, trying to make enough money to provide for his mother, and hopefully a brighter future. Things get dicey when, in the middle of a severe drought, cougars begin stalking the wood. Strange men appear in town, talking of ancient curses; then deaths begin follow. Or are they murders?

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Dalarian, the Blue Otter


Kayga-ata, capital of Thimalie, before the invasion…

Started as a mental splurge, and unashamed romp of pulp fantasy fiction, it developed into one of my favorite projects. I had one rule: if you stop writing for more than 10 seconds write the next thing you think and keep going. What transpired was a sometimes comedic, sometimes epic, vast battle struggle for a nation being invaded by barbarian Treeag (think orcs) from across the sea. Led by the King’s Hand–a landless knight named Dalarian, who only hopes his liege-lord has survived the carnage of their conquered capital–the people of Thimalie must cling to hope and fight to reclaim their overrun land. I found this story unlocked my own sense of humor as I wrote in a purposefully inconsistent narrative voice, and crafted a tense struggle for survival with oasises (?) oasisees (?) Oasi (?) of humor to carry one through.

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Armand Douglas: Man from the Dark Waters

My original and most epic story that started it all. This is the first story that I set in Taydra, and as such has survived the most harrowing revisions, as I backtracked, rebuilt, and rewrote the histories of the land and culture. The result is a five part completed manuscript which introduces the reader to the world of Taydra through the eyes of man from Earth who swims through a portal to another world. Armand Douglas is the first person across the dimensional Planes through the dark waters of limbo in about 6,000 years. The only problem is, his memories don’t fully accompany him across the tumultuous waters, and the must discover why it is that he sees visions of a beautiful woman, a dark sorcerer and a shining knight, and seems plagued by weird events and frightening creatures.

Teaser here…


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