Space Dust

Crew Rival Bay1

Follow my webisode inter-galactic opera Space Dust. Heavily inspired by other series, but a few added flairs of my own. Its a scifi guilty pleasure, I hope you enjoy.

A rag-tag crew joins a female cyborg captain of the resurrected, retro-fitted generation seed ship Rival Bay, on her personal bounty-hunting vendetta to where…?

Episode 1: Charybdis Maw Crimson and the crew take on an abnormal merchant job. Not their usual fare, but hopefully a quick paycheck…

Episode 2: Post Facto

Episode 3: The Rival

Episode 4: Chipped

Episode 5: Bad Deal

Episode 6: When Spoors Pop

Episode 7: Ambush

Episode 8: Spooriffic

Episode 9: Drug Runners  A new adventure takes off not hours after getting back to the ship. too bad everybody is playing everybody else…

Episode 10: Bait and Switch

Episode 11: Fishing for Trouble

Episode 12: Occupational Hazard

Episode 13: For the Cause

Episode 14: Wool

Episode 15: Drink or Drive

Episode 16: A Crazy Plan

Episode 17: Trajectory

Episode 18: Death House

Episode 19: Countdown

Episode 20: Maneuver Me This

Episode 21: Cops and Robbers

Episode 22: Discoveries

Episode 23: Customs and Contraband

Episode 24: Survivors

Episode 25: Ace

Episode 26: Snack Attack

Episode 28: It’s a Date Then

Episode 29: Wanted. Reward

Episode 30: Clean-up Crew After finishing their fake drug job, the crew take a quick bounty…

Episode 31: Gatecrashers

Episode 32: La Belle au Bois Dormant

Episode 33: Cleaning Up the Clean-up Crew Epilogue…?

Episode 34: Tasty Morsels Crimson and the crew return to Qualvana to pick us some new tech, and hopefully a decent bounty…

Episode 35: Target

Episode 36: Scum and Candy

Episode 37: Bridges

Episode 38: Friends and Enemies

Episode 39: Permission

Episode 40: Naked Truth

Episode 41: Ground Work

Episode 42: Double Trap

Episode 43: Rushed Rescue

Episode 44: The Lion’s Den

Episode 45: Recalculating

Episode 46: Privateers

Episode 47: Door Kicking

Episode 48: Traffick

Episode 50: Dr. Evil’s Waiting Room

Episode 51: Invasive Surgery

Episode 52: Evac

Episode 53: Frankenstein’s Curse

Episode 54: Pieces an epilogue…

Episode 55: Travel Plans Without enough cash to follow their new tip, Crimson and the crew look for a different way to the edge of the galaxy.

Episode 56: Check List, Hit List

Episode 57: Paper Pirates

Episode 58: Denial

Episode 59: Love Your Machines

Episode 60: Space Home

Episode 61: All Aboard

Episode 62: Home Grown Drama

Episode 63: Magnetic Personalities

Episode 64: Scramble

Episode 65: All At Once

Episode 66: Possum

Episode 67: Trapper’s Trap

Episode 68: Extra-Vehicular Activities

Episode 69: Angry Pirates

Episode 70: It’s a Party

Episode 71: Lash and Slash

Episode 72: Breakthrough

Episode 73: Sinking Feeling

New episodes released weekly

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